CCG in the face of Covid – nothing much changes

I am delighted to say that despite all of the threats posed to our industry by Covid, our programme for next year 2020 / 21 remains intact, given that there will be some relaxation regarding us meeting face to face with social distancing come November time. Enough of you have made the financial commitment to subscribe – as usual, upfront – to mean that we should breakeven on the year. Thank you all that have for such a brilliant act of faith in their development, and that of critical practice within the sector. The hotel will provide their ballroom which means we will be able to spread out – food can be served individually etc … and our speakers are all in place, as per programme.

I was really saddened to lose our 18th June slot, given the great success of our two previous sessions this year. But now we have the next best thing, an online session led by Ginny Baillie – see post attached here. Keri Phillips and I are also looking to offer our postponed session as an additional offering next year, details to be shared in fullness of time.