Coaching Ourselves, Supporting each other.

While online meetings have served really well these past eleven months  in sustaining the ethos and practice of the CCG, one thing that has been missing is the opportunity for the informal coaching that the broke out within our formal sessions when we were gathered under the one roof. 
Our recent meeting on Symbolic Modelling afforded the opportunity for us to coach each other on a one-to-one basis ,online. This worked remarkably well, serving as it did as a reminder of the wonderfully rich and diverse coaching resources within the group. 
It occurs to me that we can quite easily reproduce our capacity to support each other through offering opportunities for one-to-one sessions online, where whoever is interested gather. `once assembled, we can allow Zoom to allocate pairings, or we hand select according to individual preference.  Such sessions could exist separately in time from our formal programme, or could occur in the hour before one of our regular session begin, details to be finalised in timings. 
If you are interested, then please register interest with me by email or phone, and I can put this into place. I for one am really up for this. 

Pro bono coaching for NHS staff by CCG members

Pro bono coaching for NHS staff by CCG members – Please reply by 1st February 2021
Mick Sital-Singh’s inspired idea of 2021 is for CCG members to offer pro bono coaching to NHS staff – at whatever level – debilitated by the impact of handling the Corona virus pandemic. 
It is hardly a surprise to note that among our members, we have a number who have deep connections into NHS networks in Bristol, Bath and the wider South West. Kate Taylor Hewett, Caroline Taplin and Sally Webber are more than willing to mobilise their NHS contacts, once they have an idea of who among us in the CCG would be willing to offer their services to such an endeavour. 
Registering interest does not commit you engagement of any sort at this stage, though it might be useful to know what capacity you might have to devote to this deeply worthwhile and urgent intervention. 
Please reply by 1st February 2021. Should you wish involvement, then please let me know by return email and I will coordinate next steps with this core group. 
Many thanks in advance, Dr Daniel Doherty

+ 44 7798883012