CCG online – Zoom Summer School

Following the great success of our first online meeting on June 18th 2020 – led so ably by Ginny Baillie on the topic of ‘The future of coaching,’ most all of the 25 CCG delegates present have expressed a strong interest in continuing with online sessions to augment our regular face to face gatherings, when they resume. Details of the provisional programme below this

Suggested Dates – I am suggesting initially booking a series of two-hourly sessions, between 13.00 – 1500, with capacity to run over time for those of us who desire some after chat. The frequency I suggest is monthly – I feel sure that the first session or two will determine the appetite for more or less.  Participation is entirely up to you, dependent on interest and availability.  The dates I suggest include 
Thursday July 16th 
Thursday August 13th 
Thursday September 17th 
Thursday October 15th 
It would be helpful to know – either provisionally now, or nearer the event – whether you wish to take up these dates. 

Suggested Session Topics 

  1. Coaching Credentials – and what are the cost of keeping a coaching business on the road? What is essential and what is not?  Daniel 
  2. Third Generation coaching .. what it is – implications for practice – mentoring as well as coaching. Sally and hopefully Bob Garvey 
  3. C Suite chatter – myths and realities  – this term is mentioned often – but what are C suites and where does coaching sit within this sacred space?  Daniel, Ginny, Jen, free for all 
  4. What are we becoming?  Stepping beyond the coaching label – following on the provocation from `Ginny. This could also involve inviting clients into the conversation directly. (In the very early days of CCG we had clients in among us.)
  5. How coaches might take advantage of Artificial intelligence 
  6. Coaching Creativity – online learning approaches. Jen 
  7. Coaching short stories drawing on lockdown experiences – Daniel 

Feel Free to invite colleagues

at our June meeting, several of our members invited along colleagues whom they felt might gain from the session. This worked really well, and it was good to have fresh voices in the virtual room. please do not hesitate if there is someone you would like to invite – or if you dropping into this room, then approach Daniel Doherty directly on to confirm your attendance.

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