Coaching the World – led by Simon Western, 19th February 2020

Coaching the World 
Led by Dr Simon Western 

19th February 2020 Arnos Manor Hotel Bristol BS4 3HQ 09.30 – 15.30

We at the Critical Coaching Group are delighted to welcome back Simon Western who will lead us on the topic of ‘Coaching the World. Simon contends that in the face of disruptive technological change, climate crisis, social inequality,  political upheavals and fast changing workplace dynamics;  that  our identities, relationships and emotional states have become dislocated. He points out that at this turning point, senior leaders are realising that organizations are not closed systems but are ‘Eco-systems within wider Eco-systems’ (Western 2019).  The new purpose statement focused on ‘ making a commitment to all of our stakeholders for the future success of our companies, our communities and country – which demands new organisational and political leadership, which Simon termsl Eco-Leadership (Western 2019).   To deliver Eco-Leadership means  the  purpose of coaching has to change.  The current widely accepted purpose of executive/business coaching focuses narrowly on improving the performance of an individual, hoping that this aligns with company success. This is no-longer tenable. Today the purpose of coaching must be  ‘To coach the world’ or in the purpose statement of Simon’s company,  Analytic-Network Coaching Ltd   ‘To coach leaders to act in good faith to create the good society’

 The workshop will be dynamic and interactive, including thought leadership, group discussion and coaching practice. 

This important workshop is free to all CCG members, whom we expect to turn out in force, as well as to colleagues of CCG core members, who attend for a fee of £50.

Others who are interested to join us, including leaders, consultants, managers, HR OD practitioners and social activists who wish to engage in new approaches to changing individuals, organisations and the world are welcome along. Please contact Dr Daniel Doherty on . We anticipate the guest rate to be £150 per participant.  

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