Gathering of Keri Phillips Writings – the book.

Keri Phillips was one of the original contributors to the Critical Coaching Group (CCG) in 2006, original in every sense of the word. In addition to being a long-term friend and cherished colleague who led the CCG on a whole variety of experiential excursions until his untimely death in 2023, he wrote prodigiously throughout his life. This writing was always deeply insightful, drawing from reflections on his immersive coaching practice, and enlightened and referenced through his omnivorous reading from a wide array of sources to illuminate his thinking. His writing practice has been in a state of continuous flow throughout the past forty years, generously making his work freely available to whoever might be interested. He self-published to a high-quality finish and presentation, yet never charged a penny for his work.  His main wish was to get it out there. In that spirit, I have collected his various contributions to the CCG and published them here, while in full awareness that he published manifestly elsewhere, touching many readers and practicing coaches along the way. It is my honour to do all I can to ensure that his wisdom endures. he once styled me as the ‘curator of curiosities.’ In that spirit, I publish his work for all to read, gathered in one place.

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