Ginny Baillie – 18th June 2020 – future of Coaching

I am delighted to announce that – in the absence of us being able to meet face to face – we are to convene a Zoom conference on 18th June, 1300 – 16.00 led by the consummate Ginny Baillie. For all of those who have been led by her at CCG, i hardly need recommend this session, as you already know her quality. For those who do not – you are in for a treat. To register, please email me on and you will be sent the sign-up details nearer the time.

The Future of our Industry

The phrase ‘when this is all over’ has become one word, neatly inserted in the beginning or the end of a sentence.  It’s like a comforter, keeping out the anarchy of what we’re all going through.    Well, what about ‘when this is all over’, what’s next, where will coaching be then, how relevant, how wanted, how useful?

Even before Covid, there were rumbling signs that all is not well.   The promises of leadership development results in organisations were falling flat, participants getting change programme fatigue and, as coaches, we’re hearing the same issues year in year out and it’s getting groundhog-y.   The sums of money being spent by companies on development to make their leaders ‘better’ are eye watering, and, in the stories I’ve heard, genuinely failing to deliver.   Where’s the evolution, where’s the fresh thinking – and actually, where’s the truth?

In this meeting we’ll take the time to consider the future together.  I’ll share what drove me to turn down a lucrative leadership development gig in favour of my beliefs about what works and what doesn’t and what’s happened since.   I’ll also talk a bit about my perspectives of the industry, where I think we’re blinded and why the wrong people are hearing what’s true.

We’ll spend the main body of our time discussing what we think needs to be shaken up in our industry and expanding our insight about what we need to do now to be genuinely useful in the world to come.

We’re meeting via Zoom from 1 – 4.   Bring snacks, we’ll take breaks and we’ll also have break-out sessions in smaller groups.   I’ll keep the room open at the end for anyone who wants to hang on and chat further, but the official meeting will end at 4.

Here’s the link: 566831

I’ve been working entirely via Zoom since 2016, all training, all group work.   Feedback says I handle the space in a way that is actually quite relaxing.   As to who I am if you don’t know me:   Dan and I were discussing qualifications recently, I’ve got 6 ‘O’ levels, 3 ‘A’ levels and I’m an MCC, that’s it.  Everything I know in my 22 years of full time coaching is from my experience, my clients and colleagues and the various trucks of interest I have hitched rides on in that time.   I consider myself a tracker of what’s useful, I’m always curious to know ‘did that really work’ and it’s all about the everyday for me, what works in everyday life, if it doesn’t sustain then it needs looking at again.   More on


Honest useful connection and support between leaders in organisations – who know what it’s really like to be in your shoes

“I’m really happy that our Drum® is happening. It is not always easy, it is challenging,

but on the other hand it’s kind of like it’s something that makes us feel not corporate,

it’s something that makes us feel alive and human.” – Grigory Lavrov, VP & GM Russia, Discovery Inc        07812 890 554

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