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in this interview Erik talks over his findings with Mick Cooper, who teases subjects dear to CCG hearts. Such as … is coaching really mainly for the elite? Does it make the rich richer? And do we really need coaching to make call-centres more efficient?
Jen Gash At our last meeting in April we explored the subject of coaching those in the third age – at the point of elderdom – or whatever we might call it. This followed a different route from the usual, with my offering up myself as a client to the group – and offering an audio play / drama for participants to deal with as they wished. What i heard from you at the close In this episode Daniel shares his research and experience of credentialing and accreditation in coaching.  His findings ask many questions about the credibility of practices, often delivered by self-appointed regulation bodies, some that make a lot of money from the process.  Daniel identifies eight consumer types of coaches in relation to accreditation and credentialing:  The Enthusiast, Complier, Susceptible, Pragmatist, Procrastinator, Agnostic, Ideologue and Inquirer; each seeking or resisting accreditation and credential for different reasons. 
our full group in the chapel at Arnos Manor

Coaching scammers on Instagram

Posted by admin on  May 12, 2021
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a really revealing and saddening investigation into the scamming of the vulnerable via `instagram – grrrr
I attach for your interest my draft paper arguing the above – it is the same paper that the edgy ideas podcast draws upon. I would be eager to hear any feedback, thoughts or concerns regarding this polemical piece. Daniel Types-of-Coaching-Credential-Consumer-and-the-social-construction-of-the-coaching-accreditation-market.-04.2021Download
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Next Simon Western ANC trainings

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Analytic-Network Advanced Coach Training CoursesMay and Sept – taking bookings now  Brochure here

Creativity for Coaches – Jen Gash

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you will be pleased to know that the many great creative approaches to coaches that Jen has pioneered with us are now available on an entire online class – please take a look at

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