upcoming events 2019 – 2020

Next conference 20th June 2019
Our next conference will occur on 20th June 2019 starring our very own Philip Crocker  and from Middlesex University Dr Christine Eastman. Please ensure you have this date firmly in your dairies – and keep it there despite competing attractions and diversions. 

Philip Crocker – Creating conductivity in Coaching to generate willingness or ‘actitude’

Dr Christine Eastman –  “Coaching Lessons from Tel Aviv University: how seafaring stories from nineteenth-century American literature captured the imagination of Israeli students

Wednesday 20th November 2019 

Katherine Long on a critical systems view of coaching practice through lens of the many changes occurring in our world

Mick Sital-Singh Impact of life in  the digital economy on coaching practice  

Wednesday 19th February 2020 

Simon Western

on Systemic approaches to systems wide change through coaching – given how fortunate we are to have Simon among us for the first time in a while, this will run as a one day event.

Thursday June 18th 2020
Keri Phillips on Haunting as Loving Dislocation.

Daniel Doherty A retrospective on fifteen years of critical coaching practice as represented in the CRG.