CCG Programme July 2022 – June 2023 – In room and online

After 18 months online, the CCG concluded the 2021 – 22 with our return to in-the-room meeting at the Arnos Manor Hotel, Bristol, while at the same time welcoming in members who could not make it in person via Zoom.

Given the success of the return to the room, we have decided to run a two stream approach, continuing with the regular zoom sessions online, complimented by three day-long gatherings at the Arnos Manor Hotel in Bristol,and one day events at Kings Cross London and Sheffield centre.

The appetite is there for a grand end of term gala at Arnos Manor on Thursday 8 June 2023 10.00 – 1500 – it would be marvellous if you were to log this in your diary.

Online Programme

Date Speaker Topic Location / Zoom address You free in person?Y/N 
Thursday 15 09 2022Dr Christine Eastman “Finding Your Written and Spoken Voice”Reflections on a leadership coaching programme for Spanish executives  Online 
Thursday 20 10 2022Julia Forster Coaching artistic and aesthetic talent In Room Theme: Narratives of Awareness Bob Garvey: overview of Becoming a coach – 1200 – 1300 on line 
Tuesday 13 12 2022 1300-1500
Olwen Hughes Borderlands: utilising metaphors from the margins to enliven coaching practice 
Thursday 16 02 2023

Leslie Goldenberg Lacanian approaches to coaching and listening 
Thursday 20 04 2023

Dr Alexandra Morgan Coaching Internationally: considerations for coaching non-native speakers of English and working interculturally 
Thursday  22 06 2023

10.00 – 1500
Dr Daniel Doherty, Gillian Dr Squirrell coaching and research, research and coaching; parallels and intersections 

CCG In-Room Gatherings

The plan is for these Bristol sessions to happen at the Arnos Manor Hotel, between 1000 – 1530 each day, coffee and lunch included. The London and Sheffield Gatherings on a similar basis time-wise. There is no extra charge for these Gatherings at this point

22 February 2023 Professor Bob Garvey on research into ‘Becoming a Coach.’
23 February 2023 CCG writers Gathering – Coaching Maturity Project
2 February 2023 Open Gathering  London Kings Cross
Coaching Maturity Project
9 March 2023Open Gathering  Sheffield
Coaching Maturity Project
8 June Open Gathering Arnos Manor Bristol
Year End Gathering