New Members and new speakers… please help

Dear colleagues 
A really big thank you – I feel sure from all of us –  to both Mick and Katherine for such excellent session leadership last Wednesday.  I know the two sessions dovetailed nicely – and provoked us into fresh perspectives on our practice.  My insight palette was as full as the tray of abandoned sandwiches by the end, though probably more nourishing.  This was a great start to our fourteenth year, and sets us up nicely for the riches to come in 2020. 

New Members – and new speakers!!
Thanks to those that have been encouraging new members to come along, and also for veterans to return to our fold. Please keep nudging, and do keep me in the loop.
I would also say that while it is lovely to hear you all say good things about the speakers that I conjure up and arm twist out of nowhere – I am not the only one among us with a network of interesting and provocative thinkers. It is also an aspiration of the group that it can provide a safe space for those among us – such as Mick this week – to test out fresh ideas with the group. So …. let me know if you feel ready for leading such a session yourself – or whether you have recently come across someone at a conference or wherever that you feel might be suitable for our delectation and delight. The topic need not be solely coaching related – it could also encompass OD, Leadership, systems thinking, whatever.
Meanwhile keep an eye on the website. Catrin and I are uploading that on a regular basis. Also don’t forget to direct any potential new members to speakers towards it

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