About Us

A Jen Gash Original

 This innovative coaching inquiry group is now in its thirteenth year and going from strength to strength. Over this period a core group of experienced coaches and scholar-practitioners have in the course of dialogue together, progressively deepened their understanding of themes that ask critical questions of coaching practice. These explorations concentrate on the unpicking and examining of conventional coaching wisdom – especially those ideas that represent prevailing fads and fashions. The purpose of this inquiry is to improve and refine practice, not to pour scorn upon it. 

This core group comprises a cadre of experienced coaches who are prepared to explore sometimes uncomfortable issues on that edge, within the safety that this group affords. An important element is that in the often isolated and lonely profession that is coaching, the CCG meets a heartfelt need for seasoned professionals to meet together face to face for a concentrated period of shared deep refection.  The allowance of hesitation and general breathing space has grown a culture not only of challenge, but of nurture in the face of an often forbidding commercial context. 

 CCG format, membership and organization ·     CCG is a subscription organisation, where members pay £150 per annum on the basis that the core group will commit to meeting together three times per year to build continuity of inquiry and dialogue.·     

Daniel Doherty is the focaliser for this group – and can be found at dandoh123@gmail.com.     New members are normally invited to join at the behest of existing subscribers. We are not looking to grow substantially and find an upper limit of 40 or so is sufficient to promote the quality of dialogue we seek. If you wish to join and do not know a current subscribing member then please contact Daniel on the above email.· 

    The location of our meetings is at the Arnos Manor Hotel Bristol BS4 3HQ

http://www.sjhotels.co.uk/hotels/arnos-manor-hotel-bristol/which is located just off the M32 on the Bath road with ample parking and also near the main Bristol rail station of Temple meads.