The Ascent and Fragmentation of Professional Coaching Associations – the book.

Dr Daniel Doherty has been working on the development of this theme for quite some time – and now it is published and out there in the world, or at least on Amazon

This book focuses on the ascent then fragmentation of professional coaching associations over the past thirty years. It makes fleeting reference to the proliferation of ‘life coaching,’ which has exploded across the Western world, and the influence of life coaching’s central focus on positive psychology upon the development of professional coaching. However, the main focus is on the practice of coaches working with clients situated within organisational settings, and of the professional associations that seek to serve them. This book adopts a critical perspective that challenges the foundation narratives of professional coaching associations, mostly told by the associations themselves, whose unsurprising tendency is to valorise their own ascension and their worthy passage thereafter in pursuit of raising standards of performance and ensuring ethicality.

It describes a generalised stage model of associations’ progression through a predictable life cycle. This life cycle moves from early emancipatory beginnings, through a bureaucratic middle passage, towards the adoption of many of the characteristics of an aristocracy in its later stages. The book comments on usurpers who enter the market to challenge this decline stage, but nevertheless find themselves pursuing a trajectory through the life stages of organization development not dissimilar to that of their predecessors. The general nature of this stage model means that it does not apply to all associations in all instances. Not all case studies supporting the robustness of the model, given the shortness of the book, can be cited. Specific cases are available on request, subject to confidentiality. Apologies to associations who do not recognise themselves within this model.

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