CCG schedule for 2019 – 2020 year

Wednesday 20th November 2019 

Katherine Long on a critical systems view of coaching practice through lens of the many changes occurring in our world

Mick Sital-Singh Impact of life in  the digital economy on coaching practice

Wednesday 19th February 2020 

Simon Western on Systemic approaches to systems wide change through coaching – given how fortunate we are to have Simon among us for the first time in a while, this will run as a one day event.

Thursday June 18th 2020

Keri Phillips on Haunting as Loving Dislocation.

Daniel Doherty A retrospective on fifteen years of critical coaching practice as represented in the CRG.

notes from last meeting

it was so good to see you in fine spirits last week for what proved to be a really absorbing day in the capable hands of Peggy Marshall and Julian Danobeitia.  I attach Peggy’s material and will put material from Julian up on the website in due course. It is so satisfying to register that both these fine humans have signed up as members of our illustrious crew – so we will be hearing much more from them I feel sure. Thanks to them for their contributions – and to all of you for making them so welcome. 
A highlight of the day – at least for me – was the performance of the hotel both at breakfast and at lunch. `For the welcome coffee – croissants appeared.  At lunchtime an initial catering mistake – when we were served enough sandwiches to feed the whole of the local Conservative Association – was remedied immediately by the appearance of a cornucopia of fries and overflowing bowls of salad to supplement our sandwiches – plus mixed olives. yes olives!!! what a time to be alive. I take all credit for this uplift in service, if for nothing else that occurred on the day. 

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